Cycles Campout FAQ

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions regarding our Cycles Campout trips. If you have a question that is not covered, feel free to reach out via our Contact page.

  • Participation for 1 human on the trip selected

  • All campsite, travel and insurance fees

    • All trips are insured by McKay Insurance and have at least 1 first aid certified participant

  • All meals

  • Route planning and experienced guide

What’s included in my ticket?

What does “Semi-Supported”mean?

“Semi-Supported” means we provide some support, but not all. These trips are guided by a professional experienced guide who will be carrying the group’s food, cooking gear, first aid kit and limited bike repair items. While this trip is supported in some ways, it is still recommended that all participants carry the gear needed to be self sufficient (see below). The guide will have some limited space for participant gear. Please let know in advance if you need anything carried by the guide.

These trips DO NOT have any kind of support vehicle or driver. It is recommended that all participants have contingency plans for a ride home.

So what do I have to carry then?

Campers are expected to carry their own gear for the trips. Since most of our trips only span one night, they can often fit everything they need into a backpack. For campers who want to grow their carrying capacity or are interested in upgrading their gear, we offer rental gear and can help campers choose what gear they want to upgrade.

Participants are expected to carry their own sleeping gear and personal items. We are happy to discuss how this can be done in an efficient and secure way.

Required Items:

  • Bike (duh)

    • Must pass ABC Quick Check prior to ride

    • Geared bikes are highly recommended

    • Front and rear lights are required

  • Helmet

  • Sleeping Bag and Pad

    • We recommend a 30-degree bag

    • Pillow if needed

  • Shelter: Tent, hammock, something to sleep in

  • Bags, panniers, basket, etc. to carry your gear

  • Tubes and/or a patch kit for your bike

  • Change of clothes: ride clothes, warm clothes

    • Comfortable clothes down to 40 degrees

  • Tools: Multi-tool, Tire Lever, Pump, Patch Kit

  • Water: Two 16 oz. bottles or a hydration pack is recommended

  • Towel

Recommended Items:

  • Sunscreen

  • Flashlight, headlamp etc.

  • Rain gear: Always a good idea to have something in case of rain

  • $20 bill & ID

  • Padded Shorts and/or Chamois Cream: Trust me

  • Cell phone

What if I can’t afford or don’t own fancy-schmancy camping gear?

To help keep Cycles Campout a beginner-friendly (and budget-friendly) experience, we are offering gear rental for things like tents, sleeping bags, sleeping pads, panniers (bags for your rack), and hammocks! That way campers can see what style of camping works for their needs and comfort without worrying about putting too much money into something they don’t like or need.

What is the cancellation policy?

Weather Cancellations:

The Cycles Campout trips are rain or shine, though trips may be cancelled in the event of impending thunderstorms, hurricanes or other extreme weather events. In the event of a cancellation, participants will be informed by the night before the trip via email. Participants will be given the options of a full refund or credit towards another trip.


Unfortunately because of the nature of planning these trips, tickets are non-refundable. We can help facilitate selling a ticket to a new participant, or a shop credit can be issued which can be used for goods or a later trip.