"Just the Weekends" Season Pass - Cycles Campout

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"Just the Weekends" Season Pass - Cycles Campout

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This Cycles Campout season pass gets you access to all of our weekend trips, but not the Delaware Bay Tour, all for a 30% discount if you join every weekend! This summer will cover 398 miles! Offer ends April 1, 2019

Included in your ticket are:

  • Experienced, first aid certified guide

  • Professionally made routes

  • Food (Vegan & GF options available)

  • Outdoor skills and advice

  • Trip logistics taken care of

Trips this summer included:

  • April 20-21 - Ridley Creek State Park, PA

  • May 18-19 - Evansburg State Park, PA (WTF Only)

  • June 22-23 - Lum’s Pond State Park, DE

  • July 20-21 - French Creek State Park, PA

  • September 7-8 - Wharton State Forest, NJ

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