Want to learn to fix your bike, or already know how but don't have the tools?

We host a series of continuing free open shops and classes, which aim to educate and empower the attending cyclists (or non-cyclists!)

Our open shops provide a space for cyclists of all skill levels to work on their own bikes using our tools.  Professional mechanics will be facilitating each session and are able to help as needed.  New and used parts are also available.

Bike Salon Open Shop (Open to All): An open shop that is open to anyone and everyone which runs once a month.  Come in with questions and problems, and we will answer them and help guide you! Check out the calendar below for dates and locations.

Bike Salon Open Shop (WTF Only):  An open shop running once a month for Women/Trans/Femme identifying cyclists.  Same deal as above - check out our calendar below for dates and locations!

**if you are interested in volunteering for any of our open shops or events, please send an email to contact@cyclesphl.com

***we love our space to be used, so if you'd like to use it for your event please let us know!