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WTF Cycles: Women/Trans/Femme Open Shop

WTF Cycles is open to those identifying as women, transgender, and femme, (AKA all gender identities excluding cisgender men, sorry dudes). All skill levels are welcome, especially beginners. 

WTF cyclists will always be welcome at all our events. but Not All Mechanics are men. Some people may feel intimidated by the gender construct that weighs heaviliy on the cycling world. We aim to encourage and empower WTF cyclists with our shop nights in a safer space.

What we offer:
-tools, most of the tools you might need for most of the tasks you might need to accomplish (but not all of them, there are many full service shops in the area and we definitely take tool donations and cash donations for requisitioning tools)
-knowledge, volunteers will be available to help you through your process (but our volunteers are not omniscient or prescient, we can't predict what you will need)

This co-op is run the second Sunday of every month.