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WTF Cycles: Women/Trans/Femme Open Shop

WTF: Women, Trans, Femme: folks that so often are intimidated, dismissed, or disrespected as cyclists and mechanics; folks that this event is exclusively for. 

come out and learn a thing, do a thing, watch a thing be learned or done. come with questions, concerns, problems, projects, or just a yearning to get greasy. we're here for information, guidance, and encouragement, but the wrench is always in your hands. 

this month, we wanna ensure 2k17 is a smooth ride for you -- no matter how well maintained you keep your two wheeled beauty, there are bits and bobs to be taken apart, checked, replaced, and replenished at least once a year. now's the time, let's get thorough! we'll be here to walk you through the fine tuning and have spare parts and accessories available for purchase if their time has come. see y'all in the new year!