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WTF Cycles: Women/Trans/Femme Open-shop March Madness Edition

From the Facebook event,

"we claim no association with basketball, we are just Mad about the amount of wind in this miserable intermediate month.

got issues? with your bike specifically?
got anxiety? about your bike specifically?
got a gnawing need to develop more consistentent responsibility?
for your bike specifically?

we got you. your bike got you. you got you. 

if you identify within the fluid bounds of the identities woman, trans, or femme, if ya want an environment of only those types of folks, if you have little to no access to the necessary tools for maintaining your two wheeled beauty, if you're just wondering -- what is A Bike? why is it So Cool? how might I Ride such a Steed? 

then come on down to our highly inclusive grease saloon!
show us your most beloved bits n bobs on wheels. perhaps they could use more grease. or air. or adjustments. or replacements bobs (or bits). or some such etc. 

WE will show YOU how to go about achieving these absolutely acheivable things with your own two grubby grabbers and wildly enthusiastic will. 

we'll have some wares available, if there might be need, but otherwise this celebration of dedication to the most elegant form of transportation there is, is a whopping $0. 

disclaimer: we can't guarantee to have every bit or bob, relieve every plight, present answers for every lil puzzler, but we can and will certainly try our darndest

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